Creative Video Producer

King Faisal Street, United Arab Emirates

We seek a dynamic and imaginative individual with exceptional interpersonal skills to join our team as a Creative Video Producer. The Creative Video Producer will conceptualize and produce captivating content for social media promotion, product showcases, and company events. They will demonstrate proficiency in shooting, editing, and post-production techniques, ensuring that all content aligns with brand objectives and resonates with our target audience. Additionally, they will be tasked with capturing and editing footage of company events for both internal and external use.


  • Create high-quality videos for social media promotions regularly.
  • Shoot product images and videos, ensuring they align with brand guidelines and objectives
  • Capture company events, including meetings, conferences, and special occasions


  • Develop video concepts in collaboration with the marketing team
  • Monitor and analyze video performance
  • Passionate, committed, and confident
  • Manage Camera equipments and resources

Must Have

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field preferred
  • Proficiency in editing software
  • Strong understanding of social media platforms
  • Currently based in UAE